Win More Business from Your Existing Clients

Crowdcast: Win More Business from Your Existing Clients

23  October  2019 

Join us live on Wednesday the 23rd October at 4pm for the next edition of the Firefish Recruitment Crowdcast. This month, our Chief Fish Wendy McDougall will be joined by acclaimed Recruitment Sales Trainer, James Nathan to talk through some of his tried, tested and proven sales techniques that win recruiters repeat business with their existing clients.

As an industry, we tend to focus a lot of our business development strategies on pulling in new business from prospects we’ve never worked with before. But what about our existing clients?

Canvassing for new business is a lot harder than it used to be, so focussing more time and effort into making the most of our existing client relationships is a no-brainer.

Expect lots of actionable insights from Wendy and James, including:

  1. How to offer the kind of customer service to your clients that will make them want to work with you, time and again.
  2. 3 sales techniques that quickly convert previous clients into new business.
  3. Common mistakes recruiters make with clients that ruin their chances of recruiting for them again.

Make your clients love you and repeat business will naturally become the easiest money you can make.

Watch the replay below!

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