Crowdcast: How to Run a Top-Billing Recruitment Agency

Crowdcast: How to Run a Top-Billing Recruitment Agency

27  September  2019 

We have a really special edition of the Firefish Crowdcast coming up this month!

Our Chief Fish Wendy will be speaking to esteemed business psychologist and recruitment coach, Andrew Sillitoe about the secrets to running a highly successful recruitment agency and maintaining healthy life balance.

Andrew is very highly regarded amongst recruitment circles primarily for his candid, straight-talking approach to business and leadership coaching. Having spent many years working closely with recruiters, professional athletes and A-list celebrities, he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t when coaching busy people to success when they live and work in competitive environments.

So tune in on Friday 27th at 3pm BST to hear Andrew and Wendy discuss topics such as…

  • How to set personal/lifestyle goals that will help you grow your business
  • How to create positive balance in your life that will bring more success to your business
  • How to make practical and actionable changes that will improve your life both personally and professionally
  • What separates the recruitment agency success stories Andrew sees from the ones that never take off.

All the recruiters we know who have worked with Andrew absolutely rave about him, so we're really looking forward to this one!

Watch the replay below.

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