Back to School Week - Super Settings

Back to School Week: Super Settings for Super Users

3  September  2018 

We're getting our thinking caps on this September.  As the kids go back to school, we thought it was time that we all did too!  We're holding a whole week of webinars for our customers, and we'd love it if you came along.  Whether you're brand new to the system or you've been using Firefish for years, we're going to be sharing some invaluable hints and tips to make sure you're getting the very best out of your software.

Super Settings for Super Users

When was the last time you thought about your settings? Have you ever wondered how you can customise your dropdowns a little more? How to change those coloured blobs? How to make your potential matches work a bit better?  Join Andy as he goes right back to basics and runs through all the super-user settings inside Firefish.  Sign up to give your settings a refresh and make sure your Firefish system is personalised to your business.

This webinar will be suitable for Super Users only, but make sure you sign up for the rest of Back to School week, where we'll be covering time-saving tips, finding the right candidates and much more.


Monday 3rd September 2018
16:00 BST


This webinar has now passed - get in touch with your success champion for more info

About our Happiness Team

Firefish Software is proud to have an entire team dedicated to customer happiness. Every member of our Happiness Team is a former recruiter, so they understand how recruiters work, and the challenges and frustrations that arise. In recognition of their hard work, our Happiness Team have won the SME National Business Award for Service Excellence. If you'd like extra, personalised Firefish coaching, get in touch with your Client Success Champion to discuss options and pricing.

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Firefish Sofware customer webinar on super users

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